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Brooke Slade Obituary, Death – Due to the terrible catastrophe in which she was involved, Brooke Slade is no longer with us to share in either our joy or our sorrow. Throughout the rest of his life, his younger sisters and brothers, Bailey, Breanne, Heaven, Aleigha, and Jorgia, lavished him with a tremendous amount of love and adoration.

Bailey is the oldest of his younger sisters and brothers. The other people all agree that Bailey has the most life experience. Penelope, who is just a few months older than he is, will shed tears over the time that they were able to spend together as uncle and niece.

Penelope is only a few months older than he is. Penelope is an older child by a matter of a few months than he is. They are only a few short months apart in age from one another at most.

There is a spot in the hearts of his grandmother Fran Patterson, his great grandmother Elaine Lowden, his great uncle Eric Lowden, and his uncle Adam (Tiffany) that will always be reserved for him, just as there has always been. This has been the case for as long as anyone can remember.

This has been the situation from the beginning of recorded history. Memorial contributions can be donated in his name to either the Canadian Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths or to the trust fund handled by his sister, JorGia. Both of these organizations are dedicated to the study of infant mortality.

You are more than welcome to leave these at the funeral home as expressions of your condolences for the family to pick up once the service has come to a close at the funeral home.