Brianna Britten Obituary, Homeless Woman hit and killed in Fresno identified

Brianna Britten Obituary, Death – It has been determined that a woman who was living on the streets in Fresno was the victim of a hit-and-run accident on Monday morning, which resulted in her death. The investigation into the incident is still ongoing. The occurrence of the event took place in the wee hours of that day’s morning. The accident occurred in the city of Fresno, which was the location of the scene.

The terrible event had its setting in the city of Fresno, which served as its location. Brianna Britten, who was thirty years old and had been sleeping on Ashlan Avenue early on Monday morning, was struck and killed by a vehicle that slammed into the tent in which she was snoozing. The accident occurred when the vehicle crashed into the tent. She had spent the previous night at that location, staying there and spending the night there as well. It was not far from her location to the ramp that led into northbound Highway 41. Her location was very close to the stairway leading up to the platform.

At the time of the collision, the driver of the vehicle that struck her was traveling at an unsafely high speed while simultaneously attempting to evade the authorities who were pursuing her. As a direct consequence of the collision, she was rendered unconscious. She suffered multiple wounds as a consequence of the collision that occurred earlier. According to her sister Brittany Britten-Padilla, she leaves behind a little child who is unable to find serenity in anything else in the world. Furthermore, a significant number of people had a special place in their hearts for her. She will be greatly missed by all of these people. This small child has become dejected and forlorn as a result of the loss of her, and they are unable to find solace in anything else that the world has to give.