Bradley University On lockdown After Bomb Threat

Bradley University Lockdown – The information that was published on the app that was made for the region indicated that residents of The Uplands in Peoria were instructed to remain inside their houses. This information was released on the app that was developed for the region. This directive was posted on the mobile app that was developed specifically for the area. This was indicated in the specifics that were provided on the app that was utilized, so it is clear that it was taken into consideration.

According to a statement that was released by Semone Roth, a spokesperson for the Peoria Police Department, the campus of Bradley University is currently under lockdown as a result of a bomb threat that was received. She went on to state that there are still members of the law enforcement agency present at the scene, but other than that, she did not provide any other details. Other than that, she did not disclose any other facts. Bradley University is currently under lockdown, according to a spokesman for the campus who has confirmed the state of the situation. She also noted that the investigation into the incident is still going on at this time, which is something that she mentioned earlier.

It was discovered that the following had been placed on the Bradley website: “BU foreWarn – Lock down immediately. During the time that you are waiting for the results, you should seriously consider enrolling in some more classes. A dispatcher for the local police department has claimed that they will not provide any information regarding the ongoing incident. This is despite the fact that there is a significant presence of law enforcement officers in the vicinity.