Bobby Ludeman Obituary Dallas-ft. Worth TX, In Loving memory of Bobby Ludeman

Bobby Ludeman Obituary, Death – Two of my closest friends have passed away over the past week. Because my emotions and heart are experiencing such a significant amount of grief, I just don’t have it in me to write two posts that will break your heart. There is no way to separate the pain from the situation. Friends, I encourage you to get some rest.

My friend Maurice Carlton, an incredible man who had a big heart, was one of his classmates. He made it a habit to inquire about everyone. Maurice was a really caring person who was always prepared to lend a hand. He will be remembered with affection and longing for all time.

My good friend Bobby Ludeman was an outstanding individual as well. He was so savvy and stylish at the same time. I used to refer to him as my “On Cloud guy.” He could strut his stuff in those cloud tennis shoes like it was nobody’s business. He, too, had a soft spot in his heart for assisting other people. I shall always think of you fondly and love you very much.

Dear Lord, I pray that you would give the families and friends of these guys the strength and tranquility they need as they travel through this difficult time. Lord, please assist us in focusing our attention on you rather than relying on the wisdom that comes from within ourselves.

Please protect their children, Lord, and give them the knowledge that their fathers are in good hands with you so that they can rest easy. I beseech you, Lord, to send your power, hope, and love to their wife, their parents’ girlfriend, and all of their loved ones.