Bob Camus Obituary, Member Of Scuba Ventures Has Passed Away

Bob Camus Obituary, Death – I’ve begun writing this a few times. He’d be furious, but I know Bob has affected the lives of countless divers over the past three decades, and you should know. I’m heartbroken since Bob Camus died this week. He began diving with the store in the 1970s and eventually left the “real world” to become a scuba instructor.

Teaching and living the dream in Marathon, FL, St. Croix, USVI, Grand Cayman, and Shreveport, LA. Bob reminded us of the XX guy (the most intriguing man in the world) from TV advertising. Many of us wished to grow up and become Bob. Bob and I just clicked when I bought the shop. I can’t thank him enough for everything he’s done for Leah, myself, and Scuba Ventures. You can notice his contributions and impact all over the store.

For a man who disliked being photographed, I’m overjoyed that I have so many. I had numerous saltwater experiences with Bob, many Lake Ouachita recollections, and many times when I’d tote the stuff so he could fly by me on his bike. The last email he and I exchanged was similar to the majority of his letters. He was very interested in how we were doing. He retired and relocated to northern Arkansas.

Because Hudson had learned to dive, he was both excited and elderly. It was so cool to him that Uncle John had taught Hudson. I pray for peace for his family and other friends who are suffering at this time. I can’t believe he’s gone, and I know I’ll reflexively watch for Bob coming up the wall after a deep dive the next time I’m off a wall anywhere. I’m confident he’ll accompany me on future dives.