Blazer Beaumia Obituary, Blazer Beaumia Roane County High School Student Dies In Crash

Blazer Beaumia Obituary, Death – An accident took occurred yesterday evening, and several of our kids from Roane County High School were engaged in it. The accident took place in Roane County.

Tragically, Blazer Beaumia was unable to make a full recovery from the injuries she experienced in the accident, and she went away as a direct result of the damage she sustained.

It is with deep regret that we have to inform you of this development. Please remember his family and everyone else he has left behind in your thoughts and prayers.

He has left a lot of people behind. All members of the school community, including students, instructors, and staff, will have access to the school’s student support program as well as the ability to speak with area pastors.