Belinda Handy Obituary, Member Of Tucson Church International Has Died

Belinda Handy Obituary, Death – We are saddened to inform you of the passing of our cherished Minister Belinda Handy, but we want you to know that we are comforted by the knowledge that she is no longer suffering. We are sorry for your loss and pray that you will accept our sympathies. Please accept our condolences. In addition to praying for our own TCI family, we ask that you pray for her and her family, and especially for her daughter.

Please keep them in your prayers. Prayer is especially important for her daughter at this time. Even though we are here to assist her family and stand by their side at this difficult time, our hearts are hurting for her family. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. Once you’ve moved on, Belinda, people in this community are going to miss you a great deal. I am thankful that I was able to worship alongside you, and I am overjoyed to have been given a gift in the form of a recording of one of your songs in which you requested that I join. Both of these experiences have left me with a sense of gratitude and excitement. Both of these factors have contributed to my feeling of contentment. Thank you.

The interaction of these two elements has made me feel like I have a significant amount of privilege. What an honor it is for me to have the opportunity to recognize the incalculable value of your anointed voice as you express your love for our Heavenly Father. As you do so, you are proclaiming your love for our Heavenly Father. I am appreciative that this chance has presented itself. I want to begin by praising God for providing us with the chance to take advantage of this circumstance.

Belinda Handy was a very wonderful woman, and after her passing, a large number of people will feel tremendous grief and hold her dearly in their hearts. This is because after her passing, they will no longer see her as they did before. I beg you to say some prayers for her family, and I hope that the fact that she lead a good life provides you some consolation in this trying time. I beg you to say some prayers for her family.