Beau Harris Motorcycle Accident, Brazoria County tx, Beau Harris Died In A Fatal Crash

Beau Harris Motorcycle Accident. Death – According to statements made by Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez on Monday afternoon, the man and the lady who was riding a motorbike did not have helmets on when they collided with the back of a car while traveling on Highway 249. As deputies investigated what had occurred, the roadway in the northbound direction of Highway 249 in Harris County was blocked near the Old Foltin Road intersection. According to the sheriff, the guy was airlifted to the hospital, and the woman was taken there by ambulance; both of them were suffering from life-threatening injuries.

According to the information provided by the sheriff’s office, the collision between the gold 2007 Honda motorcycle and the Hyundai Tucson SUV took place at 4:35 p.m. According to Harris County Sheriff’s Sgt. Beau Beaty, the motorbike was moving at a high rate of speed when it collided with the Hyundai, which caused the riders to slide with the motorcycle. While both vehicles were moving, the sergeant noted that the Hyundai Tucson was moving more slowly than the other as a light change occurred. The Hyundai had four people inside, including three adults and a baby who was nine months old, but nobody in the car was wounded.

According to Beaty, the only thing that appears to have contributed to the collision was speed, but the investigation is still underway. A crew from Eyewitness News obtained images of an overturned bicycle as well as many emergency vehicles spanning all of the northbound lanes. On the shoulder of the road, there was additional parking for a couple of vehicles that were not responding to an emergency. Residents in north Harris County were given the warning to boil their water after a rupture in a main water line triggered a water outage in that area of the county. Those who use the water system operated by Harris County Utility District 16 are the target audience for this notification. According to Inframark, around 2,000 customers are impacted by this issue. Following is a map provided by TCEQ that depicts the affected area. The George Bush Intercontinental Airport is to the west of Harris County Utility District 16, which is located in the area between the North Freeway and the Hardy Toll.