Avery Crounse Obituary, Severin Films Mourns The Passing Of Avery Crounse

Avery Crounse Obituary, Death – We are overjoyed to share the news that Avery Crounse, the 71-year-old director of the landmark folk horror film EYES OF FIRE, has passed away suddenly. It was an honor to work with Avery on the restoration of his long

Unavailable masterwork (after years of trying to locate him), to hear his stories, discover his inspirations, and, strangest of all, to learn that Canadian band the Tragically Hip had named one of their albums after one of his photographs (which they also used as the cover of the album). 

Working with Avery on the restoration of his long-unavailable masterwork was rewarding experience. All of these things happened after years of trying to locate Avery. He was one of a kind, and his movie reflected that, too. Have some peace, Avery.