Aureanna Hernandez Obituary, 21-year-old woman killed in Dallas shooting

Aureanna Hernandez Obituary, Death – The Dallas Police Department issued a statement on Wednesday indicating that a suspect who is 17 years old was apprehended in connection to a shooting in Dallas that resulted in one person being slain and another person being injured. The statement also indicated that the suspect was detained in connection to the shooting. Dallas was the location of the shooting incident.

Johnny Garcia was taken into jail, and he is currently being charged with murder in relation to a shooting that occurred earlier this month in the 2600 block of Ingersoll Street in Dallas. The shooting took place on April 1. The occurrence was connected to Johnny Garcia in some way. When the police arrived at the scene on April 11, they discovered a guy and a woman who had both been shot and were both suffering from their wounds. Both the man and the lady were suffering from their injuries.

Both victims were rushed to a hospital, but sadly, the female victim, whose identity was later established to be that of 21-year-old Aureanna Hernandez, did not survive her injuries and was pronounced dead at the hospital. The male victim did survive his injuries and was treated and released from the hospital. According to the initial press statement that the police sent, the man was still receiving treatment at the hospital and that his condition was stable. This information was included in the statement. The police have kindly provided us with this information.

Detective Kimberly Mayfield of the Dallas Police Department is requesting that anybody who witnessed what took place or has information about it get in touch with her by calling 214-671-3646 or sending an email to She can be reached by either of these methods. You can get in touch with her through the Dallas Police Department.