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Anthony Burke Obituary, Death – Ability Medical Supply is grieved by the sudden loss of Anthony Burke, a dear friend and coworker. Anthony’s family will forever be missing his wife and three kids.

Anthony was a kind and caring person at heart. He never failed to raise a chuckle. He was devoted to his loved ones, his friends, and his career.

Every day, he gave people, both young and old, the gift of mobility that would forever alter their lives. All of us were changed by his influence and improved as a result.

We’re holding a benefit to help his loved ones get through this terrible time. Anthony made sure that his loved ones were always his top priority. He would be appreciative if he saw and heard that we were helping his loved ones out now. We’d be grateful for any help you can give.

Today and always, Anthony and his family have and always will have our undying love, support, and prayers. Anthony will always have a place in the hearts of the Ability Squid. See you later is the new farewell.