Ann Karakatsanis Obituary, Employee Of Freeman Catholic College Has Died

Ann Karakatsanis Obituary, Death – After a valiant and protracted struggle with her illness, our dear friend and colleague Ann Karakatsanis died away on Monday, April 24. She had been putting up a struggle against this ailment for a considerable amount of time. During the course of her career in the Freeman community, which spanned a total of twenty years, Ann worked in a number of capacities at both the Freeman Office and the Freeman Library.

Her employment extended the entirety of both of these establishments. After Ann has moved on, each and every person with whom she worked will miss her enormously due to the warmth, compassion, and modesty with which she carried out her obligations at the organization. Ann carried out her tasks at the organization with these qualities in mind. We remember her son and his family in our prayers at this trying time, and we include the rest of their family in our thoughts for all of them together.

We are praying for all of them. We pray for each and every one of them. Our prayers will encompass each and every one of them in their entirety. I entreat you, Lord, to bestow upon her an unending sense of peace and contentment in everything that she does and says. I implore you to give consideration to my request. She deserves to have the light that never fades shine upon her because of how deserving she is, and she deserves to have it because she is worthy of having it shine upon her. I make it a point to praise God in my daily prayers that she is at last allowed to spend the rest of eternity in a state of perfect tranquility. Amen.