Ann Ackerman Obituary, Ann Ackerman Has Unexpectedly Passed Away

Ann Ackerman Obituary, Death – When I, together with Reuben Ackerman and Christine Kaucher Ackerman, as well as Brian Arbour, delivered the news that Ann Trugman Ackerman had passed away early yesterday morning, it was with a heavy heart and as much composure as is possible given the circumstances. My family has a long history of friendship with Ann Trugman Ackerman and hers. She died away without experiencing any pain in her final minutes, which enabled Reuben and me to be by her side as she passed away peacefully while we comforted her.

She was a wonderful illustration of what it meant to be a mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, friend, elected official, educator, and volunteer in her community. She was an inspiration to many. She was an outstanding illustration of what it meant to be each and every one of these things. She was a phenomenal role model for each and every single one of these responsibilities. The funeral, which will be held on Tuesday at 11 AM and will take place at Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua, New Hampshire (Zoom link to follow).

The burial will take place in the TBA Cemetery in Nashua. In the evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we will observe the shiva in the condominium in Nashua that belongs to my mother. She currently resides there. On the evenings of Saturday and Sunday, which are coming up very rapidly, you will be able to find me sitting shiva at my house in New Jersey. Those who wish to pay their respects to the departed are asked to refrain from bringing flowers and instead make a contribution to the Temple Beth Abraham in Nashua or the Nashua Soup Kitchen in lieu of bringing flowers.