Alexandra Watt Obituary Dauphin Manitoba, Gathering and Memorial Services

Alexandra Watt Obituary, Death –  Early on a Saturday morning, Alexander (Sandy) Watt passed away after a valiant fight with lung disease. Sandy spent his final week in Winnipeg’s Grace Hospital ICU after being sent to the hospital in a medical emergency one week earlier on October 27. He was quite aware of what was going on, so we were able to discuss future occurrences.

The Grace Hospital was gracious enough to let us host a “Good Bye” celebration for him, his family, his pet Yorkies, and a select group of friends. He was quite grateful for that. He invited his nearby neighbors and other golf buddies to join him for one last cup of tea. He kept a close eye on the clock in anticipation of the arrival of his sister Joanne, who was visiting from New York State on Friday. She arrived, and after a pleasant stay, he was free to go. I spent the night with him along with his daughter Sheri.

When morning came, we were by Sandy’s side as he died away. In addition to his wife Heather, Cameron (Karen) Watt (Jessica, Jordan), Sheri (Ken) Dinnin (Chelsea), and Sean (Maria) Watt (Sara), Sandy also leaves behind his stepsons Graham (Tanis) Kane (Krista) and James (Niki) Kane (Bronwyn), as well as his three children. Along with numerous nieces and nephews, he also leaves behind his two sisters, Joanne (Lenny) Leven, and Leslie (Bill) Olson.

John and Margaret Watt, Sandy’s parents, died before him. In 1946, on August 12th, Sandy was born. He attended Nelson MacIntyre Collegiate and was born and reared in the Norwood neighborhood. After being married, he raised his three kids with Bonnie Wilson. They eventually drifted apart. He spent his entire career working in the pre-press printing sector.

They founded Magna-Tech Graphics with Jan Orihel, which they ran from 1983 to 2012. Sports were Sandy’s passion. He led the St. Boniface Saints hockey team to the Minor Bantam Championships while serving as their coach. But Sandy’s main passion was golf. At Falcon Lake Golf Course, he picked up the sport, which became a permanent part of his life.