Alex Dejong Obituary, Santiago Canyon College Softball Player Has Died

Alex Dejong Obituary, Death – If you knew Alex, you were aware that she had a great love for all of her animals, including the various dogs that our family has owned over the years and the cats that she has kept in her own house. If you didn’t know Alex, you should know that she has tremendous affection for all of her animals. This affection encompassed all of her other pets as well, including the horses that she raised and cared for in the comfort of her own house.

Everyone was delivered to a place of safety at one point or another during the course of the events. On the occasion of Alex’s birthday, rather than sending him flowers or buying him a present, we believe that it would be more appreciated if you would give some thought to making a donation to the animal shelter in which we are working rather than sending him flowers or buying him a present. This is because we believe that he would get more use out of the donation than he would get out of flowers or a present.

Shadow Husky Rescue, Inc. did not officially begin its activities until the next year, in 2004. Even the most inconsequential amount of work can result in a meaningful change being brought about. It is essential to double-check that “Alex deJong” is written out in the notation. We are unable to adequately convey our gratitude for the unending love and help that you have provided for us. Please understand that we are unable to do so. Please accept our sincere apologies.

I have provided a link that will immediately begin the process of collecting monetary contributions. Please give it some thought and use it. Alex DeJong, our pleasant, young, and incredibly good-looking cousin who passed away not too long ago and is now at peace in paradise, is quietly snoozing away in a state of perfect tranquility. I pray that her light will continue to radiate with the same radiance throughout all of eternity, just as it did when it was first brought into existence. RIP Angel! Please say a prayer for everyone who is in attendance here today on behalf of all of us.