Alaina Slife Obituary, Orlando, FL, Projects Manager For Florida Rising Has Died

Alaina Slife Obituary, Death – Alaina Slife, a member of the Florida Rising Family, passed away earlier this week as a result of injuries to her health. Our family is in mourning over her passing. Alaina joined the movement space as an engaged climate community activist in 2016, and then in 2018.

She worked as executive support at one of Florida Rising’s legacy organizations, Organize Florida, and eventually developed into the role of Florida Rising’s special projects manager. Alaina has a light that is both boundless and unadulterated. Alaina’s role as an engaged and compassionate advocate was vital in ensuring that all employees and members not only felt heard, seen, and loved but also knew they were heard, seen, and loved.

She did this by ensuring that they not only felt heard, seen, and loved but also knew they were heard, seen, and loved. Her profound dedication to people involved in the struggle as well as to the struggle itself could not be denied, and her loyalty to the community was unparalleled. As a result of her contributions to our internal and external statewide movement, we consider her to be a champion; she is something akin to a national hero, and she is a #changemaker who is committed to equity beyond margins.

In 2020, Alaina successfully ran for public office, demonstrating honesty, openness, and compassion throughout the campaign. She was elected to the position of Soil and Water Conservation Supervisor – Elect for District 5 in Orange County. Because of the physical death of our sister, friend, and leader at Florida Rising, the world seems to have become a little bit darker.

Because of this, we are aware that, as a group, we will continue to prevail, and Alaina has given us a reason to rejoice in the numerous rainbows that she has bestowed upon us as a result of her dedication to the peace that comes after the storm. Beloved, may you never stop shining your light. We love you. Rise angel, rise.