Adriana Barnes Obituary, Adriana Barnes Of The Zen Rescue Animal Sanctuary Has Passed Away

Adriana Barnes Obituary, Death – Adriana Barnes, who passed away in a way that was both heartbreaking and unanticipated. Those who knew her well are aware that she had the biggest, kindest heart possible and that she would do whatever in her power to save or assist any animal, regardless of whether or not her circumstances were similar to theirs.

Unfortunately, she has left behind a large number of animals that need to be cared for, and Antonio, her cousin who helped run the ranch, is forced to do everything by himself while he is also grieving for his closest friend, who passed away.

On the farm there are over 20 dogs, three horses, and a number of different kinds of birds. The animals in need of new homes will have the opportunity to find one, and Antonio will be able to continue to take care of them if we are successful in our mission to gather money to keep the animal rescue operational.

Any money that is donated will be sent to the organization, and any assistance in the form of saving an animal will be greatly appreciated. If you have watched the video that was just shared above, you can get a good idea of the kind of person Adriana was and the amount of love that was contained within her heart. Adriana was an Angel. May you finally find peace, Adriana; you are already missed tremendously.