A Person Was Hurt In Pinecrest High School, North Carolina Stabbing – Lockdown Lifted

An Attempt to Attack Was Made at Pinecrest High School — An incident involving a knife was allegedly said to have taken place at Pinecrest High School. A complaint of an assault being committed at the Pinecrest high school in Moore County was brought to the attention of the local authorities on Friday morning.

The’serious assault incident’ was apparently alleged to have taken place “Friday morning in the parking lot of Pinecrest High School before the school day began,” as stated in the police report.

This is according to the allegations that have been reported. Moore County Schools said that a variety of different agencies, including emergency medical services, responded to the horrible tragedy.

During that time period, the school implemented a slightly altered version of the lockdown procedure. According to the most recent information provided by the school, both the teaching staff and the pupils are present and in good health.

On Friday, classes will continue as normal for the balance of the school day. in accordance with the usual course of events. The administration of the school has made an announcement to the effect that the lockdown has been lifted, which indicates that parents may now check their children out of the building.

According to the reports from the police, the suspect is currently being detained in prison, and the victim is allegedly receiving treatment for their injuries.